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In the footsteps of greatness

Discover the Inspirational stories of Vienna’s well and less known personalities!

Walk in the footsteps of greatness in Vienna

Throughout its history, Vienna has been home to many extraordinary individuals. While some have been immortalized in memory and celebration, others have faded into obscurity, their stories lost to time. Embark on our unparalleled walking tour through Vienna’s streets and delve into tales of remarkable feats and astonishing endeavors. This one-of-a-kind city tour brings to life both the triumphant successes and the dramatic failures of the past. Discover unsung heroes and gain a deeper understanding of familiar icons. Transform historical figures from mere names in a textbook to inspiring role models by literally walking in their footsteps – the footsteps of greatness.

Why book this tour?

Our private "In the footsteps of greatness" tour is perfect for your next:

Family and Friends Event

Explore Vienna’s beautiful inner city while enjoying a deeper experience through inspirational stories about success and failure, victory and loss, achievements and challenges.

Team Building Activity

Invest in your employees by giving them a more profound experience in Vienna. Enjoy an exciting walking tour that includes themes such as entrepreneurship, innovation, risk taking and out of the box thinking.

School Excursion

Take your class on an educational journey through Vienna to meet some incredible personalities. Together with our guide they will explore the concept of greatness through fascinating stories about success, failure, bravery and more!

An inspiring guided tour in the heart of Vienna

Our tour “in the footsteps of greatness” is currently available only as a private tour. It begins in front of the Liebenberg monument by the Ring Road and continues towards the heart of Vienna. At each stop, you will meet new inspiring personalities or uncover new fascinating details about well known figures.

The tour is available in either English or German

About Us

We are a team with a passion for history and for Vienna. We’ve always been intrigued by the stories of well known personalities in history. For us it was never enough to know merely about them. We wanted to know their true story, not just their success or failure but the process they went through to get there.

We have also been curious about forgotten people who disappeared from memory despite having world-changing achievements. We believe that many of them can serve as true role models. All we need to do is walk in their footsteps!

Your guide on this exciting tour is Michael Schefts. Apart from being a licensed tour guide, Michael is a Vienna based actor, director and writer. His love for storytelling as well as his historical knowledge make him the perfect person to lead you through the beautiful Viennese streets.

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